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What We Do

We’re fully equipped in-house to help clients begin and end projects no matter their initial starting point, with engagements including:

  • Brand, Channel, and Communication Strategies to key up year long campaigns or seasonal moments
  • Digital developments such as websites, apps, and CRM programs
  • Start-to-finish photo and video production, including content-versioning to maximize the scale and efficacy of a given shoot
  • AI Strategy and Implementation (Search, Voiceover, Chat, Visual Creation and more)
Team members on set.


  • Client Experience + Delivery

  • Brand + Digital Strategy

  • Creative + Production

  • Technology + Development

Hunt, Gather employees on set in a Hopdoddy kitchen.
Behind the scenes shot of a racing car with a Get Biofuel wrap.


Do 30% more with AI

We’re not alone in our excitement about the opportunities AI presents, but after seeing the initial rush of stunt-driven AI brand experiences, we saw an opportunity to focus. What larger opportunities can AI unlock, for people and brands?

So we got to building. Led by Tim Warren, our newly minted Director of AI, Hunt, Gather has set out to craft new digital experiences that pair utility with joy in equal measure. They’ll be enabled by AI, but they’ll be about freeing humans to achieve more—30% more, in fact. That’s the goal of every AI project we take on: to unleash 30% more productivity in everyone.


Meet Tim Warren

Let's dive into four quick questions with our Director of AI.

What is the big difference you see between today’s AI-driven digital experiences and those of the past 10 to 15 years?

As we develop AI tools, we’re aiming for a more natural technology. The goal is to make our devices blend seamlessly into an experience, instead of always pulling us out of the moment. I think as an industry we’re underestimating how disruptive it can be to focus on the person, rather than the device in their hand.

There’s lots of conversation around the importance of clean data to improve AI-experiences. Do you see data as an opportunity or an obstacle?

Data is a word that can be used to intimidate people out of a conversation. The reality is that all learning, all experiences, all knowledge is data. Everything that makes us human is centered around the information we carry and use. Will there be challenges in accumulating and formatting these bits of knowledge? Sure. But that’s an exciting challenge to me; it’s an opportunity to apply creative problem solving to every project. And we shouldn’t overlook the data that will come out of these experiences…the ability for AI to help us translate interactions and behaviors into meaningful insights for brands, and help brands turn those insights into meaningful engagements.

Hunt, Gather is traditionally known as a creative agency. Why AI?

Hunt, Gather has a Creative First, Always mindset, so this is actually right in our wheelhouse. We’re experts in user experience, so we’re well positioned to design these new, “invisible” interfaces that will increasingly be in demand. To make these experiences truly immersive and seamless is ultimately as much a design challenge as an AI challenge.

Any last words of wisdom for us?

Cars won’t replace horses. Horses with cars will.

AI In Action

Ask Soundly

To see a Hunt, Gather AI solution in action, check out Ask Soundly: A first of its kind AI-powered chat experience that enhances search by allowing users to ask questions in their normal, everyday language, and get hyper-personalized answers in return in a matter of seconds.

Chat with Liber

Find out how we brought an AI-powered mixologist to life as a virtual Roman god. By infusing AI with an extroverted persona and emotional intelligence, Chat with Liber transforms sterile data into delightful storytelling that embodies Liber & Co’s mythology.

Santa's Magical Mailroom

We created an AI-powered mailroom bringing old fashioned, personalized holiday cards back with automatically generated and scripted letters. Blending creative vision, emotional insight, and technology, they spread cheer across the country while supporting future female engineers.

Boorito meets ai

See how Hunt, Gather uses AI as a creative assistant to augment human imagination throughout their process—from research to ideation to production. Learn more about our optimistic vision for AI-human collaboration and its vast potential to unlock creative barriers.

Hopdoddy Trivia

AI doesn't have to feel robotic. Our intuitive trivia game for Hopdoddy utilizes AI as a friendly teacher. With thoughtful interaction design and adaptable user flows, AI feels like a natural extension of a brand - and creates memorable digital experiences that actually resonate.

AI + YOur Company

Wondering how you can use AI to transform your creative process? Let’s talk about it. Chances are, where there’s AI, there’s a way.

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