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Hunt, Gather News

Infusing AI with Character to Turn Data into Distinctive Brand Experiences

Oct 2023


We believe artificial intelligence is more than lines of code—it's a chance to breathe new life into a brand. That belief led us to create our most ambitious AI-powered project yet: Chat with Liber, a virtual mixologist designed not just to recommend cocktail recipes, but to embody the mythology and artistry of bartending.

Developed in partnership with Liber & Co, Chat with Liber began as a fairly straightforward concept on paper: users have a conversation with an AI assistant to get personalized drink recommendations based on Liber & Co’s library of over 800 recipes. But we saw an opportunity to take things further. Rather than just building a robotic search engine for cocktails, we envisioned an AI imbued with the spirit of Liber, the Roman god of wine and revelry. 

We used our Anui AI platform to develop a virtual character who could chat with users in the voice of the Roman god, utilizing latin phrases and cracking the occasional joke, turning each drink recommendation into a memorable experience. We filmed an actor posing as a physical embodiment of the god Liber, with over 80 clips of him reacting to different conversational prompts. Anui orchestrates multiple AI agents behind the scenes to weave all these pieces together and generate a seamless, personalized experience:

  • One agent analyzes the user's input and cross-references Liber & Co's recipes to identify drink options that match
  • Another agent modifies recipes on the fly based on the user's preferences, dietary needs, mood, and more
  • A third generates Liber's spoken dialogue, pulling in Latin phrases and dad jokes to match his larger-than-life persona
  • A fourth identifies the perfect video to pair with the drink and conversation

Talking to Liber feels like chatting with an ancient Roman demigod who earnestly believes it’s his purpose to find you the perfect drink. The seamless interplay between AI conversation, emotional intelligence, and dynamic video brings this mythical character to life.

At Hunt, Gather, we're leveraging artificial intelligence not just for utility, but also for storytelling. Brands have so much more to offer than facts on a spreadsheet. By infusing AI with crafted personality, we can transform sterile data into engaging experiences that forge true connections.

Chat with Liber is just one way we’re exploring the nexus of branding and technology. Our team of creative technologists will continue to push the boundaries, because we believe artificial intelligence has more to offer than convenience—it has character. We invite all brands to see their assets as more than tools, but as opportunities to build characters who connect with humans in delightfully unexpected ways.

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