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Hunt, Gather News

The Ultimate Creative Collaborator: How AI is Revolutionizing Our Process

Oct 2023


The future of marketing lies at the intersection of human creativity and artificial intelligence. We look forward to exploring it together. 

Here at Hunt, Gather, we're always looking for ways to elevate our creative process. That's why we were excited to utilize AI for longtime client Chipotle’s annual Boorito Halloween campaign. This year, we set out to reimagine the haunted world of Boorito's skeleton mascot, Elton, and we found the perfect partner in AI.

We started by training our AI model on previous Elton imagery so we could generate unique concepts on demand. Need a skateboarding skeleton or a barebones rockstar? Our AI skeleton generator delivered endless inspiration with just a few keywords. Next, our AI co-bot dreamed up delightfully spooky settings for Elton—haunted forests, creepy castles, and ghost towns galore. We could communicate mood and aesthetics to clients visually rather than trying to describe our vision. Bouncing ideas back and forth, we quickly narrowed in on a direction: a haunted mansion filled with personality. To take Elton himself to the next level, we placed him within the AI-generated backgrounds and used Runway to animate subtle movements. In just minutes, we brought static images to life. Elton played the organ, danced across the room, and crept down spiral staircases.

These AI capabilities supercharged our collaboration with Chipotle. We could quickly visualize different directions and zero in on what felt just right for Boorito, without needing to create full illustrations upfront. We were also able to engage early feedback. Instead of relying solely on written briefs or verbal explanations, our client could instantly see our vision for each concept and react visually, instead of abstractly. Once we aligned on the perfect direction, our human illustrator took over, bringing Elton and his creepy mansion to life in time for Halloween. He was able to work extremely efficiently from the AI imagery.

The entire creative process was smoother and more collaborative than ever before. Instead of pages of written descriptions, we could communicate with visuals, speeding up ideation and feedback. The AI assistant felt like a true creative partner rather than just a tool—and we're just scratching the surface of what's possible. With custom AI tools, we can reimagine our entire creative process, from ideation and illustration to animation. We can generate endless directions on demand to spark inspiration. We can collaborate visually for better feedback. And we can hand off clear briefs to artists and animators to maximize their incredible talent.

At Hunt, Gather, we don't see AI as a replacement for human ingenuity. Rather, it's the ultimate creative collaborator, generating fresh inspiration, sparking new directions, and enabling our talented team to do their best work. With AI, the creative process is no longer limited by the imaginations of a few, but elevated by the limitless possibilities of machine learning. This project has shown us the immense potential in human-AI collaboration, and we can't wait to see where it takes us next.


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