With the Summer Olympics fast approaching, Chipotle wanted to tie itself to the games' energy in a way that aligned with the brand's culture and identity.



We created a video-rich landing page experience housing all the Team Chipotle athletes equipped with player stats and bios, video footage, and their go-to Chipotle orders available with one click.



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Team Chipotle

Real food for real athletes

To celebrate the arrival of the 2020 Summer Olympics (in 2021), we helped launch #TeamChipotle. The next installment of Chipotle’s Unwrapped Series, this behind-the-scenes spotlight took a deep dive into what drives and fuels each Olympian, from their training regiments to their fave Chipotle orders. The #TeamChipotle landing page educated, celebrated, and ultimately drove digital orders by sharing the athletes’ stories and highlighting the real food that fuels their drive to go for the gold.

MacBook Pro 16 inch.
"Chipotle is proud to be an integral part of athletes’ training regimens across all levels. We’re excited to share Team Chipotle’s stories and rally our fans around these elite competitors."
— Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer, Chipotle