While instilling healthy habits early on is critical, making them fun and rewarding can be a challenge, especially for older kids who might push back.



We found the perfect blend of function and fun to develop direct-to-consumer packaging that includes everything parents need to build healthy habits. We also designed a website based on the same approach that delivers constant moments of joy throughout.



Brand Identity, UX, Web Development, Motion Design, Interactive Design, Unboxing Experience Design, Packaging Design, Ecommerce

Habit Hero
Habit Hero

Building healthy habits

Making healthy habits rewarding

Designing a brand identity from scratch is always fun, especially when one of the “clients” is a dino-loving, time-telling four-year-old. We teamed up with Habit Hero to build a brand easily loved and adored by parents and their habit-forming kids. To do this we created a playful logo, a custom font, color palette, unboxing experience, and an interactive website worthy of creative (and healthy habit forming) kiddos and parents alike. 

The Habit Hero website acted as a one-stop-shop for all things Habit Hero. From buying the actual Habit Hero product with an option to subscribe and save, to housing relevant blog posts about the best ways to use the product and any industry related topics. Our hard-working website came equipped with built in moments of joy with the help of motion design and animation elements that help remind parents and kids that building healthy habits is fun and rewarding.