Young farmers understand the importance of sustainable and ethical farming, but face large barriers like access to land, the cost of new technology, and the effects of climate change.



An immersive, educational experience spoke to these concerns and allowed consumers to add their name in support of the 2023 Farm Bill and the future of farming.



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A Future Begins

Supporting the next generation of farmers

Between limited resources, dying generations, climate change, and even policy changes, the challenges farmers face are greater than ever. To shed light on this issue and gain consumer support, Hunt, Gather partnered with Chipotle to develop a grassroots advocacy campaign. Designed to empower those who love to eat ethically-grown and responsibly-raised food, consumers could add their name in support of the 2023 Farm Bill to help with the equitable transfer of one million acres of farmland to the next generation of farmers.

The campaign, centered around the short film "A Future Begins," is the next chapter  in raising awareness and telling the story of struggling family farms. This chapter showcased the positive impacts that young farmers have through the use of emerging technologies such as solar, wind power, and regenerative farming practices.

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People added their name in the first month to take action to support young farmers
"Absolutely incredible creativity and partnership."
— Michael Kotick, Senior Director of Brand Marketing at Chipotle