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The AI revolution that will disrupt advertising forever

Nov 2023


Hunt, Gather’s founding partners, Lynna Bartosh, Kathy Horn, and Jason Burks, share their thoughts on how AI will disrupt the creative agency landscape.

The advertising industry has endured seismic shifts before, as we've seen the commoditization of creative thinking and design over the years…but nothing compares to the creative revolution on the horizon. AI will soon reinvent how advertising is conceived, created, and consumed. But we have an opportunity to embrace AI and unlock unimagined opportunities.

In the view of Lynna Bartosh, Partner + Executive Creative Director, Design, "AI is the new frontier of what's possible. It's not about a gold rush, it's about the vast open skies, what it can become, and as a Texan girl I get a rush of excitement to be a part of something so great."

It’s natural for this profound change to breed uncertainty. Will machines replace human creativity? Does AI threaten the advertising industry? Just the opposite. We believe AI will augment human creativity and enable innovation in ways we can’t even imagine.

The evolution of an industry

Advertising has always been an industry in motion. From print, to TV, to digital to social…AI is simply the next stage in its evolution. Content is king, today more than ever. Generative AI makes creating quality content at scale achievable. Repetitive tasks and manual labor will be automated, freeing talent to focus on creativity. 

As Kathy Horn, Partner + Executive Creative Director, Content, puts it, "AI lets us concentrate on big ideas instead of bogging us down with box-checking."

AI can analyze data to inform strategies, then rapidly ideate, iterate, and implement creative concepts. What if AI helps predict which creative ideas will resonate in the market? Or dynamically personalizes content for each unique viewer? Consumer behaviors and market trends can be predicted, allowing proactive optimization. For decades, we’ve chased the ability to deliver the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time. Today, AI is finally bringing this possibility within reach. 

The possibilities for people

Some fear AI will replace human jobs and creativity. But AI is a tool—technology will never replicate the human ability to synthesize diverse inputs and express ideas within cultural contexts.

"AI will assist in the creative process in many ways, from inspiration to concepting to copywriting. AI doesn't replace human creativity; it augments it,” according to Jason Burks, Partner + Executive Development Director.

For individuals, AI increases efficiency by automating mundane, repetitive tasks—saving creators time for higher-level ideation and imagination. AI also provides new inspiration by aggregating diverse sources, disrupting typical thought patterns.

Soon, machines and humans will collaborate seamlessly on the conception, creation, and distribution of content. For agencies, incorporating AI throughout the creative process unlocks productivity and innovation. It streamlines research, accelerates iterations, and expands possibilities. This symbiotic relationship will unlock creative potential beyond what either could achieve alone. AI doesn't threaten human creativity—it enables it.

What AI means for Hunt, Gather

AI will keep evolving with or without us. But for optimists open to reinvention, AI represents an opportunity to chart the creative territories ahead. The advertising industry will continue advancing rapidly. But AI promises to augment—not replace—human creativity. This revolution empowers our imaginations to unlock ideas previously unthinkable.

It’s why we're reshaping Hunt, Gather as a Creative AI Agency. This includes using AI as individuals to improve our skills, as a partner through research, inspiration, and ideation. We’re incorporating AI tools throughout our agency process, allowing them to help us conceptualize efficiently, iterate broadly, and actualize quickly. And we’re actively partnering with clients to build intelligent brand extensions that utilize Artificial Intelligence to build new experiences that drive love and value.

This is just the beginning. We feel AI will reinvent how advertising is created and consumed. Yes, the machines are coming. But they can take advertising to breathtaking new heights. With open arms and minds, let's meet the future—and change the world.

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