Gray Solutions, a system integrator, is changing smart manufacturing by rethinking how efficiently consumer goods are produced. They were seeking a new brand identity and digital presence that reflected their unique approach, and came to us to help them stand out.



After speaking to former customers and partners, one differentiator rose to the surface for Gray Solutions - their people. They push beyond expected solutions to find the right answer, not the easy one, separating them from their competitors. This spirit became the foundation of the brand.



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Gray Solutions
Gray Solutions

Let Curiosity Lead

An elevated B2B conversation

Gray Solutions is a collective of unconventional thinkers who thrive on pushing boundaries and embracing challenges that others run from. Skilled in automation, OT design, robotics, and data, they’re always ready to tackle any hurdle head-on, asking questions others don’t and finding solutions others can’t. To align with this innovative and non-traditional systems integrator approach, a brand reinvention was essential.

In a sea of boring blue and red B2B brands, we took a different approach. The team at Gray Solutions is bold, smart, and most of all curious; in fact, we identified that trait as the key to standing out. For the new brand, we rebooted Gray Solutions with a palette that would feel modern and unexpected, utilizing dark colors enlivened by bursts of Malachite green which is formed under deep pressure underground, only visible to the truly curious. We paired this distinct visual world with a new tagline, “Let curiosity lead,” which captured the brand’s insatiable desire to push beyond the way things have been done historically and find the right solution for the moment.

The revamped site delivers intuitive wayfinding and fresh content in a visually arresting design with a voice that’s confident and likes to have a bit of fun. With an emphasis on engaging, shareable content and an open door into their culture, Gray Solutions’ digital presence reflects the curiosity and elegance of their engineering solutions.

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"Within the first week of the site's launch, Gray Solutions received an invitation for a proposal to serve an industry they hadn't previously worked with. When asked, the prospect cited the website design and content as the best he'd seen."
— Walker Mattox, CEO, Gray Solutions