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Hunt, Gather News

Soundly and Hunt, Gather Launch The First Hearing Health Marketplace

Jul 2022


One in 10 Americans experience hearing loss. Yet most wait nearly a decade to purchase hearing aids due to a lack of accessible hearing health resources.

Soundly was created to address the long-standing gap in hearing healthcare access. “I got my first pair of hearing aids after two decades of hearing loss. The process was confusing and intimidating to navigate,” says CEO and Founder, Blake Cadwell. “My goal with Soundly is to give those with hearing loss a one-stop online experience with clear pricing and access to a network of licensed audiologists.”

Soundly is the first and only online hearing health marketplace. The platform puts the human first, offering innovative tools, helpful resources, and features that turn a historically confusing and frustrating process into a customizable, easy, and stress-free experience.

It’s the first platform truly designed to meet the needs of modern hearing health consumers, with transparent pricing, product information, and shopper reviews to help inform their decisions. Soundly has streamlined the process with a platform that offers unbound access to a wide variety of products that fit their specific needs and budget.

“Hearing aids are not a one-size-fits-all product,” says Jason Burks, Development Director and Partner at Hunt, Gather. “Soundly was designed with adaptive technology and customizable features to ensure everyone has access to the products and resources they need.”

Touted by the media as “the Warby Parker of hearing aids,” Soundly aims to erase stigma and empower the d/Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community to take control of their own hearing health. 

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About Soundly

Soundly is the first-ever hearing healthcare marketplace that helps consumers find products, compare prices, and connect with the largest online database of licensed audiologists. Started by CEO and Founder, Blake Cadwell, Soundly aims to destigmatize hearing loss and revolutionize the hearing aid space.

About Hunt, Gather

Founded in 2016, Hunt, Gather is a digitally-native, full-service unagency and creative studio based in Austin, Texas. Our majority woman-owned and woman-powered shop focuses its work on consciously creating and making a cultural impact for clients. Some of those clients include Soundly, Chipotle, Dell, and Environmental Defense Fund.