Hunt, Gather News

Hunt, Gather News

Soundly and Hunt, Gather Launch Game-Changing AI-Powered Search Tool For Hearing Health

Jul 2023


Hunt, Gather and Soundly have revolutionized how consumers search for hearing aid information by integrating an exciting new feature into AI-powered chat. Dubbed Ask Soundly, this emerging technology enhances search by allowing users to ask questions in their normal, everyday language, and get hyper-personalized answers in return in a matter of seconds. Leveraging OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, Ask Soundly seamlessly scans the entire site, including blog posts and hearing aid user manuals, and gives a custom response in the language of the query. By providing quick, accurate, personalized information 24/7, this virtual concierge helps consumers take control of their hearing health journey, even when Soundly's team of doctors and experts aren’t readily available. Read more about Ask Soundly in Forbes and The New York Times.