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The AI Advertising Agency Manifesto: Why Words Matter as We Shape the Future

Feb 2024


Here at Hunt, Gather, we believe in the power of words. Language shapes ideas, ideas shape reality. As an AI-first creative agency, we know that current marketing terminology runs the spectrum from buzzword salad to genuinely paradigm-shifting innovations. When we first dipped our toes into the world of AI, we quickly realized that not all of us were on the same page. Some of us were AI veterans, while others were just starting to learn the ropes. We knew we needed to get everyone speaking the same language to help ideas truly take shape.

So we developed a creative glossary - part educational explainer, part internal dictionary, part call-to-action. This glossary is more than just definitions; it's a testament to our commitment to making AI an integral part of everything we do, ensuring that we're not just keeping up with the times, but shaping them.

Let’s level set on terminology first. AI may seem complex but it’s just a set of Codenames with surprisingly simple definitions:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Umbrella term for any hardware/software that mimics human cognition. First coined in the 1950s.
  • Machine Learning (ML): This concept represents a leap towards autonomous learning, where computers are trained using vast amounts of structured data to produce specific outcomes. It's the foundation upon which more complex AI systems are built.
  • Deep Learning (DL): ML models structured as neural networks with multiple layers. The “deep” structure allows learning intricate patterns like language/vision vs just classifications.
  • Generative AI (GenAI): This is where creativity meets computation. Generative AI refers to software capable of producing entirely new, realistic artifacts like images, audio or text.
  • Training an AI Model: Imagine teaching a child a new game. Training an AI model involves a similar process of learning from scratch, building knowledge and skills from the ground up based on a set of data.
  • Fine-tuning an AI Model: This is akin to honing a specific talent. Fine-tuning adjusts a pre-trained model for a slightly different task, leveraging its existing knowledge base for refined performance.
  • Agent: In the AI world, an agent is software designed to achieve a specific goal autonomously, navigating tasks and obstacles with a level of independence that mimics human problem-solving.

AI may sound academic but for us it’s applied creativity. These technical methods reveal wonders when pointed at the right business problems. Now we can get to the truly fun AI becomes applied magic:

  • Semantic Search: Powered by AI, semantic search seeks to understand the intent and context behind queries, providing responses that go beyond mere keyword matching to truly comprehend the user's needs. This makes discovering information radically more intuitive. Someone searching for “Mexican beach vacation ideas” gets served recommendations for Cancun resorts even if those pages never literally say “Mexican beach vacations”. The AI comprehends the underlying connection.
  • GAN (Generative Adversarial Network): This architecture uses two neural networks - one generates new data, the other discriminates between the generated data and real data. They make each other better over time until the outputs become indistinguishable from reality. GANs can create photo-realistic images, smoothly synthetic audio or coherent text cabable of mimicking any writing style. The applications are endless - infinitely variable stock imagery, on-brand content at scale, hyperpersonalized ads. The only limit is imagination.
  • Quiet Technology: using AI to make things simpler behind the scenes without disrupting user flow. The tech should enhance our interactions with the digital world without the intrusive bells and whistles of conventional technology.
  • Intent-Based Solutions: This approach focuses on understanding and achieving desired outcomes, rather than adhering to rigid processes, enabling more natural and effective digital experiences. The final experience feels effortless yet intelligent. Personalized content served up at just the right moment. Intuitive interfaces that understand what you want before you ask. All enabled by AI working quietly in the background.

Hopefully this foundation empowers you to dive deeper into your AI journey. Some thought starter questions as you begin to explore:

  • What inefficient manual processes could be automated to free up strategic bandwidth?
  • What creative concepts could come to life with infinite customizable content?
  • How might a deeper understanding of customer intent transform your funnel?
  • What key journeys could be optimized by adding an AI copilot to guide users?

Need a team to bounce ideas off and pressure test hypotheses? Our AI practitioners love to brainstorm. Don’t hesitate to drop us a note - your next breakthrough could be one conversation away...


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