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AI and the Future of Marketing: Exclusive Insights from Our First 6 Months as a Creative AI Agency

Jan 2024


Artificial intelligence has rapidly evolved from science fiction into present-day reality. Once relegated to fantasy, machines can now generate content, interpret data, and facilitate deeply personalized consumer connections.

Creative agencies like Hunt, Gather now have unprecedented access to AI-driven tools that can help brands better understand audiences, strategically meet customers where they are, and foster more meaningful relationships through data-informed storytelling across platforms. It’s an exciting frontier brimming with possibilities to increase engagement.

Just six months into our journey pioneering what it means to truly be a Creative AI agency, the velocity of change and potential continues to thrill. But exploration of unmapped terrain does not come without hard lessons.

Trial By Fire

When we launched our first AI project last summer, few creative agencies were leveraging the technology externally. We embraced the challenge despite lacking rulebooks. Our team learned as we created, stumbling at times but ultimately seeing success.

One of our biggest learnings: AI must balance intelligence and intuition. Without thoughtful design facilitating more human-centric interactions, high-tech tools risk feeling cold and foreign. We also learned to curb temptation to utilize every bleeding-edge tool imaginable, instead restraining capabilities to specifically meet campaign goals and objectives. Just because an AI chatbot can serve a seven-course virtual meal doesn’t mean it should.

Of course, this unprecedented innovation also means value is difficult to quantify using existing frameworks. But rather than resist change, we chose to collectively draw connections between emerging data and current benchmarks, demonstrating potential. Is it an inexact science? Sure, but pioneering often is.

From Lynna: In the world of creative innovation, restraint can often be the secret ingredient to extraordinary design. Our HolidAI Magic project this year embodies this lesson beautifully. As a passionate creative soul, I know how tantalizing it can be to embrace every single idea that crosses our minds. But just like too many cooks can spoil the broth, too many ideas can dilute the magic.

Enter Santa's Magical Mailroom - our brainchild that's a fusion of imagination and technology. We couldn't resist exploring every 'what if' scenario, from personalizing Santa's handwriting for everyone to live-streaming the letter printing process and even using Dall-E to conjure up whimsical ornaments inspired by those heartfelt letters.

However, here's the real magic trick: we didn't stop at ideas; we perfected the core concept. We brought together the forces of tech, AI, and creativity, working tirelessly to craft an unforgettable user experience. By refining and honing our initial vision, we've conjured up an enchanting, seamless journey for all. It's not just about innovation; it's about creating a truly magical connection with our audience.

Charting The Course Ahead

While some agencies might be intimidated exploring unmapped territory, our team at Hunt, Gather feels emboldened by the challenge. Creativity and curiosity guide us on our quest to facilitate magic behind every screen. We vow to hide complex technologies behind intuitive and delightful interfaces, keeping users in control.

Strategists, designers and developers will expand possibilities by training together using an interdisciplinary approach. And we will empower our team by allowing original creative intent to guide projects rather than lose integrity to feature creep.

From Ryan: This last year we learned that those big “whoa” moments came when we had multiple disciplines working together to solve a problem. Chat with Liber is a great example of that…the combination of recipes, video, and conversation all happening in unison seemed impossible until everyone put on the creative problem solving hats…and pretty soon that impossible task turned into a series of totally possible collaborations.

And to be honest, I think those will be the moments that resonate with people the most. When you’re able to blend creative and technology so seamlessly that people forget to ask “how” or “why” and just feel invited to dive into an experience and enjoy it.

Rather than passively watching the future unfold, Hunt, Gather chooses to act with intention. We initiated an in-house team to actively question emerging tools, capabilities, and data at every turn. Collaboration is key; we evolved our creative process to emphasize concept iteration and prototyping. Of course, with exponential growth, answers will continue to emerge rapidly. But asking the right questions positions us well.

The Reality Beyond Tomorrow

What once seemed a distant reality has arrived at our agency’s doorstep. While some see an uncertain path ahead, Hunt Gather envisions a future brimming with creative possibility to help brands connect with consumers. Yes, there will be missteps and lessons in store. But pioneers embrace wild, unmapped terrain. The only constant is change, and we’re excited to lead brands into the next chapter. Let’s explore the art of what’s possible together.


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