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Hunt, Gather News

A Deep Dive into Hunt, Gather's AI-Fueled Design Process

Mar 2024


At Hunt, Gather, we’ve made no secret of our mission to blend creativity with cutting-edge technology, and fully integrate AI into the creative agency process. Across our agency, we’re looking at ways that AI can improve our efficiency and processes. Today, we're peeling back the curtain to share an inside look at how AI is specifically revolutionizing our design team's workflow, from the white board to the final execution.

Elevating Design Strategy with AI

At Hunt, Gather, we view AI as the ultimate assistant for our design strategy. It's about turning the ordinary into the unexpected, starting from the very first spark of an idea. With tools like Perplexity and ChatGPT, we leap from a blank page to a pool of initial ideas in the time it takes to book a brainstorm. Perplexity, with its ability to aggregate diverse types of information, allows us to sift through the noise and pinpoint exactly what's relevant for our projects. This efficiency in research is a relief for the entire creative team, giving each team member the ability to build a solid foundation before the briefing even begins.

In parallel, ChatGPT becomes our brainstorming partner as we create client specific GPTs, attuned to the specific needs and context of a given category. These bespoke GPTs are capable of generating visual ideas tailored to our clients' unique histories and brand guidelines, ensuring our concepts are not only innovative but deeply resonant. These GPTs are also excellent and receiving feedback, a plus for any and all creative directors.

Concepting: Breathing Life into Ideas

With an idea in mind, we often then turn to Dall-E, a tool that enables us to generate concepts that are as wild and big as our imaginations. This phase is all about breaking boundaries and laying the groundwork for ideas that push the envelope, complemented by visual references that enrich our in-depth research.

Recently, we began developing concepts for our upcoming campaign for Lone Star Beer. Dall-E and Midjourney played a crucial role, enabling our team to quickly visualize these concepts. They often generated visuals that sparked additional ideas, propelling us through the creative process, comments Lane, Hunt, Gather Creative Director. Although fine-tuning the ideas for client presentations requires considerable back-and-forth, we are now able to navigate the conceptual phase more swiftly and present our ideas with greater clarity than in the past.

The role of AI doesn't stop there. Gone are the days of relying on the predictable and the mundane worlds of stale stock photography. With Midjourney, we're able to create original ideas with astonishing quality and detail in moments, skipping the painful search for "something close enough." This tool not only accelerates our creative process but introduces an element of surprise, oftentimes inspiring directions we hadn't yet considered.

Presentation: Showcasing with AI Precision

AI also allows us to sprinkle some magic dust into the way we present our ideas. Utilizing Runway, we infuse static images with subtle animations, transforming them into dynamic pieces that captivate and engage. It enables us to bring our concepts to life with a vibrancy that static images alone cannot achieve. And in today's digital landscape, where motion often outshines stillness, this ability removes much of the friction from the process, with clients no longer being asked to imagine the effect of animation.

Execution: Perfecting with AI's Touch

As we approach the finish line of a project, AI tools within the Adobe Creative Suite become our allies in nailing the details. Whether it's tweaking a photo, extending a background, or introducing a new element altogether, generative fill capabilities allow us to finetune imagery with speed and efficiency. This not only enhances the quality of our work but does so with a finesse that feels like an extension of our own hands.

In our recent AI project titled 'Santa's Magical Mailroom,' we created a background image using Midjourney and then animated it with After Effects to add movement and motion. We produced hundreds of background variations before achieving a result we were satisfied with. During the development phase, our team incorporated a parallax effect to seamlessly integrate the foreground and background elements, creating a truly magical interactive experience, says Lane.

The Hunt, Gather Difference

At Hunt, Gather, our efforts to imbed AI in our design process is not just about leveraging new technologies; it's about redefining what's possible within our own team. This work exemplifies our commitment to innovation, showcasing how we harness AI to elevate every aspect of our work, from inception to execution. For marketers looking to pioneer their AI future, our journey offers a glimpse into the future of advertising—a future we're excited to explore together.

In an industry where the next big idea is always on the horizon, Hunt, Gather stands ready as your partner in unlocking the limitless potential of AI in advertising. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, crafting stories that not only resonate but also redefine the landscape of modern marketing.


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