Campaign Work


Creative strategy, creative direction, art direction, copywriting, production, development, media


We’ve worked alongside Tender Belly for the past two years to map out their marketing calendar, from defining promotional periods to identifying opportunities in purchasing downtimes. We’ve consistently A/B tested campaign creative and optimized, placed strategic spends on Google ad units, written, designed and developed countless emails, and tailored our now dialed-in tone-of-voice to each of Tender Belly’s social channels.

“Working with the team from Hunt Gather is like working with an in-house creative team. I’m very impressed with how quickly they turn around a project and really seem to get our brand voice and tone. They’re super responsive and easy to work with on any project. Genuinely great people.”


With a rapidly growing online and in-store presence that reaches both wholesale and retail audiences, Tender Belly wanted a more planned and polished approach to their email and social communication. We were more than happy to work on a brand we believe in and that makes high-quality, humanely-raised, environmentally-conscious bacon. Cause, c’mon, it’s bacon (and also ham, sausage, pulled pork and jerky).

One of the hardest things we’ve found with clients in the retail space is resisting the urge to make everything a promotion. As consumers, we all know—and have been trained to know—the brands that will offer us a discount as soon as we abandon a cart, or wait a week for that full-price item to go on sale. We get it, with promos, sales tick up and it’s instant gratification for all. But we’re in it for the long game, working with clients to build a brand that becomes a must-have at all times.