Franklin Barbecue


Creative direction, art direction, cinematography, sound design and production


Tastemade came to us with their idea for a new series called Dish—all about what first inspired famous chefs to make the kitchen their career. Then they said the name Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue. We pretty much had all the info we needed to say ‘hell yes’ and grab our talented video team to produce a truly delicious video for Tastemade’s site and social channels.

“When the team heard it was Franklin’s, we had to draw names for who got to be the PA that day. It was me and I ate the best damn pot roast I’ve ever had.”

- Jason Burks, Hunt, Gather

There’s no shortage of content vying for our attention on social. There’s also no shortage of people who scroll right past it. We’re thoughtful about what we execute for our clients, always looking for that sweet spot in the Venn diagram where smart, effortless and engaging meet. We’re also big believers in testing creative and optimizing as we go to let the audience tell us what they like and what they don’t.

Long-form or short-form, live action or motion, we love creating video content for our clients. Part of our success in the space is that we always keep social in mind, even if the project’s intent is to be shown on a larger screen or in a tradeshow environment, for example. We think about the cut-down before the shoot begins, letting us plan ahead and deliver beyond expectations.