Six Red Marbles

Branding & Website


Creative direction, art direction, copywriting, content strategy, concepting, development, focus group direction


Six Red Marbles (SRM) is an educational content services provider serving the K-12, higher education, continuing education and publishing markets. Already well-known in the primary and secondary education space, they came to us looking to refresh their brand to make it feel, well, less elementary. We went to work, exploring logos, color palette, taglines, iconography, voice/tone, mission and vision statements, and more, putting a lot of our work in front of internal and external focus groups.

“We’ve had a steady flow of traffic and even a few times when there was a literal crowd waiting to talk to us. I know the updated branding and booth are a big part of what’s getting people’s attention. You all are rock stars.”


Of course, once the logo, palette and voice/tone were in place, the real fun began. We had the chance to work alongside SRM to dive into UX for their own site, something they so often consider for their own clients but hadn’t done for themselves as they added content and capabilities over the years. We made their redesigned and rewritten site easy to navigate across both services and audience type, ensuring AA compliance without sacrificing design. We also worked to tell a more holistic story, bubbling up higher and continuing education in the hierarchy and including case studies to support those services.