Community Classroom


Concepting, creative direction, art direction, copywriting and production


We’re a tribe of makers and doers. So naturally we 
loved the idea of launching Michaels© Community Classroom, which brings together local artisans and students in the creative studios at Michaels. The goal of our social launch unit, to be featured on Instagram and Facebook, was to attract both makers and doers by showing the breadth of cool things that they could do at their local store if they just sign on.

“There’s this great return to doing things by hand and coming together over something learned. We thrive on that here.”

- Kathy Horn, Hunt, Gather

There’s no shortage of content vying for our attention on social. There’s also no shortage of people who scroll right past it. We’re thoughtful about what we execute for our clients, always looking for that sweet spot in the Venn diagram where smart, effortless and engaging meet. We’re also big believers in testing creative and optimizing as we go to let the audience tell us what they like and what they don’t.