HID Global

Identity Solutions Campaign


Creative direction, art direction, copywriting, motion graphics, video production


HID Global’s marketing needs are primarily B2B, but they want to look and feel anything but. They get it, we’re all consumers and respond to well-designed, well-thought out communications. For their Identity & Access Management solutions, HID needed pieces spanning general awareness across verticals to more specifically-designed pieces for the Aviation industry.

“Hunt, Gather is the ideal agency to work with – they’re creative, collaborative and always go above and beyond to deliver an amazing product.”

– CORINNE PRICE, Senior Comms Manager

Different deliverables weren’t just designed for different audiences in this campaign, they were also designed for different stages of the user’s journey. Our video, for example, was a high-level introductory piece that set up the need for solutions like multi-factor authentication. Our aviation infographic, in contrast, highlighted industry stats and took decision makers through the process of identity and access management solution implementation.

Another quick note, particularly on the video: this a good example of utilizing stock footage and motion graphics together to deliver a custom-feeling piece. While we’ve also shot live action video for this client, the timeline and budget wouldn’t allow for it in this instance. Extensive stock searches and color correction, while in themselves time-consuming, were the right path for this particular campaign.