Creative direction, art direction, copywriting, video production


It’s not every day that a client comes to you with a concept they call “dasswords” (a combo of dumbass and passwords). The idea was simple: relying on user-generated passwords from employees is dumb for businesses concerned about data security. With ActivOne, multi-factor authentication is made easy and is, frankly, the smarter way to stay secure.

“Concepting and producing a video spoofing infomercials is exactly as fun as you’d think it would be—and especially powerful when none are doing comedy in HID’s competitive space.”


We worked with HID Global to bring their concept to life, but in a way that could be shown to a variety of business audiences around the globe. Our concept leaned into user-generated passwords as being old-school, kitschy almost. We positioned ActivOne as providing a better, more modern, way. (Yes, it’s the “there’s got to be a better way” infomercial approach).

Shooting over two days, our creatives and video crew staged four scenarios that felt like typical over-the-top infomercial sets. We even used infomercial products as background props, for a little added nod to our inspiration. The result was video content that entertained and informed, becoming a favorite of HID’s sales staff and clients alike.