Behind the Foil


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Since opening their first restaurant in 1993, Chipotle’s been at the forefront of the growing corporate movement towards sustainable business practices. Their mission starts with buying responsibly-raised meat and produce, and preparing it by hand each morning. Their goal is to create lasting environmental and social change, to live up to their mission of Cultivating a Better World.

To demonstrate Chipotle’s commitment to sustainability, we launched their first-ever editorial email series, “Behind the Foil.” It takes consumers into kitchens, orchards, farms, and recycling centers to show them all the ways Chipotle and their suppliers are innovating in order to create the smallest environmental footprint and make the largest positive impact for all.

We kicked off “Behind the Foil” where the Chipotle story begins: in the kitchen as crew members get ready to open for the day. Since then we’ve visited avocado orchards and bell pepper farms to learn how produce is grown, picked, and shipped. We’ve gone inside a recycling center to watch plastic kitchen gloves get upcycled into trash can liners. We’ve seen how pigs, chickens, and cows are raised, and we’ve taken a look at the hard work farmers put in day after day to make the food we eat.

“I have loved writing Behind the Foil because it lets me see how a large company like Chipotle can prioritize their purpose and their people over profit. It’s inspiring to me as both a consumer and a creative. I want to work for brands that do more than simply sell a product; I want to work for brands that are invested in doing good in the world.”


Knowing that there is no accountability without transparency, we let Chipotle’s audience of 8 million subscribers see and hear for themselves directly from suppliers and partners. In addition to copy, every email includes photos and videos, quotes, and other data that brings the story to life: crew members making guac or sitting down to a meal together, or farmers giving a tour of their fields.

Beyond the storytelling and the content, design, accessibility, and dev all play pivotal roles in enhancing the recipient’s experience and increasing the likelihood that the email will get opened and read, and inspire action. In fact, the guys at Really Good Emails gave us a shoutout for doing just that.