Queso Blanco


Creative direction, art direction, design and copywriting


It’s no exaggeration to say that Chipotle’s launch of queso 2.0 was one of the food world’s most anticipated events. Their OG queso flopped big time with customers who weren’t crazy about its grainy texture, and while failure is never fun, it helped us land on our launch strategy: to visually demonstrate queso blanco’s creamy perfection as well as its authenticity. We showcased videos of Chef Chad, Chipotle’s head of R&D, making queso blanco alongside real-time tweets from people trying it for the first time. And, in keeping with Chipotle’s brand campaign, For Real, we highlighted footage from some of the family-owned dairy farms where the milk is sourced. Hunt, Gather led the charge on creative direction for the campaign, which included and, print, and app.

Collaboration FTW. We worked with partner agencies to extend the produced spots into paid media and other unique media placements.