Concepting, creative direction, art direction, copywriting and email development


To celebrate Pride in the month of June, Chipotle launched a fundraiser with the goal of supporting LGBTQ+ community service organizations in sixteen cities across the country. They needed a cost-effective way to inform customers that coming in for a burrito would trigger a charitable donation. The catch? It had to cut through the clutter, instantly communicate Pride and be contextualized for the city where the recipient lived. Chipotle also commissioned us to design a Pride logo for use in social media and internally to show their support for LGBTQ+ team members.

To tell Chipotle fans about the Pride fundraiser, we developed a hyper-localized email that could be dynamically updated to include the correct city, market and community service organization for each recipient. This email also served as a template for future hyper-localized email campaigns. Visually, we played with Chipotle’s famous foil-wrapped burrito, highlighting it with a rainbow. And since including a GIF in an email can increase your click-through rate (CTR) by up to 26% (just ask Email Institute, they track helpful stats like that) we designed a fun little animation of two burritos kissing. Love is love, y’all.

“Getting to work with the Chipotle logo for PRIDE was something I was, well, super proud to get to do. It’s a dream project for any designer and cool to work with a company that is supportive and inclusive.”


In designing a Pride logo, we needed to create something that would instantly scream both Chipotle and Pride. We also wanted it to feel playful and celebratory—proud, if you will. We developed four logo treatments, each of which takes a different approach to marrying Chipotle’s iconic chile pepper with the LGBTQ+ community’s rainbow flag. Chipotle reproduced these logos on everything from socks and buttons to notepads and umbrellas. Pride swag, in the name of love. And we couldn’t love it more.