Farmers Campaign


Creative direction, art direction, copywriting


As part of Chipotle’s big-picture focus on creating a more sustainable food future, they unveiled a new initiative that revolves around young farmers in late 2019. They’ve pledged to increase the amount of food they purchase locally, give out start-up grants to farmers under 40, award three-year contracts to eligible farmers, and donate to the National Young Farmers Coalition.

Some quick background: Chipotle realized they couldn’t buy enough humanely- and ethically-raised meat and dairy to supply their growing number of restaurants. Rather than lower their standards, they decided to figure out how to create the supply they needed to meet their demand.

What they learned is that small family farms are on the decline, and while there are up-and-coming young farmers interested in taking over from their parents or starting anew, they need significant financial backing to overcome the difficulties inherent in farm life.

The launch of the Young Farmers initiative was a big one, coordinated across multiple departments and partner agencies. We built the landing page and all of the web assets that would drive to it—including banners and modules on We also wrote a farmer-focused Behind the Foil email celebrating the hard work required to raise food ethically and responsibly.

This campaign required a new look-and-feel. Something that would feel like Chipotle, yet stand apart from the food-focused work we normally see. Like the initiative itself, we placed the emphasis on the farmers themselves, and the animals they raise or the land they tend.

“We strongly believe in Chipotle’s mission to Cultivate a Better World, and we’re extremely proud to work on their continuing commitment to reinvest in the U.S. farming community to help deliver on that mission. Chipotle knows that we need to invest in the people producing our fresh ingredients for years to come. These campaign efforts raised nearly half a million dollars in a matter of days to invest in future generations of farmers, and we couldn’t be prouder to contribute to that.”