Currency Cards


Creative direction, art direction, copywriting, print production


When Chipotle wants to delight in-restaurant customers, they use currency cards, which offer treats like free chips and guac, a free entrée and even catering for twenty. We wanted more than the offer to delight—the cards themselves had to feel substantial and special. We were able to tell Chipotle’s real ingredients stories on the back of each card and design the fronts to feel like currency complete with foil detail.

“This is one of our favorite projects to-date for Chipotle. From the illustration style and design touches to the stories I was able to craft about their ingredients and their farmers, each card feels unique and collectible.”


A dozen different currency cards each featured a different offer, from low to high value. Each was also able to expand on Chipotle’s sustainability efforts, support of local farming, and commitment to responsibly raised ingredients, whether protein, dairy or produce. These pocket-sized cards packed a lot of punch for the QSR, all while presenting content in a totally consumable way.

Want to get your hands on some Chipotle currency? Don’t we all. These cards are available only through the discretion of restaurant managers and are highly coveted by those who love good design and equally good guac.